Communications Authority Press Release (May)

This press release summarises the Communications Authority ("CA")'s decisions following its 63rd meeting held in May 2017:

Contravention by Hong Kong Cable Television Limited ("HKCTV") of its Unified Carrier Licence No. 042 in Unauthorised Use of In-building Co-axial Cable Distribution System ("IBCCDS") Channel

The Office of the Communications Authority ("OFCA")'s investigation into a complaint of 12 January 2017 revealed that HKCTV had used an IBCCDS Channel in the Ultra High Frequency ("UHF") band for conveyance of the test signals of Fantastic Television Limited ("Fantastic TV"), a holder of domestic free television programme service licence, without the prior approval of the CA.  Based on the findings of the investigation conducted by OFCA and having considered the representations of HKCTV, the CA concluded that HKCTV was in breach of Special Condition 34.1 of its Unified Carrier Licence No. 042.  In April 2017, the CA, upon the application of HKCTV, approved to alter the IBCCDS assignment to HKCTV allowing it to replace an IBCCDS channel in the Very High Frequency (VHF) band with one in the UHF band for the conveyance of Fantastic TV's service.  Taking into account of all circumstances of the case, the CA decided to issue an advisory letter to HKCTV reminding it to strictly comply with the concerned licence condition in future.

CA Approves Termination of Fame Capital Investment Limited ("Fame Capital")'s Other Licensable Television Programme Service Licence

The CA approved the application of Fame Capital to terminate its other licensable television programme service ("other licensable TV") licence ("Current Licence") with retrospective effect from 31 March 2017.  While the CA has earlier approved the renewal of Fame Capital's other licensable TV licence ("Renewed Licence") which would take effect on 17 July 2017,  upon the CA's approval of Fame Capital's application for termination of its Current Licence, its Renewed Licence has also been terminated.

The CA noted that the termination of the above licences was commercial decisions of the licensee.  Following the termination of Fame Capital's licences, there are 23 other licensable TV licensees providing television programme services to hotels in Hong Kong.

Communications Authority

23 May 2017