Communications Authority Press Release (October)

This press release summarises the Communications Authority ("CA")'s decisions following its 68th meeting held in October 2017:

Broadcast Complaints

The CA considered a complaint case against Television Broadcasts Limited ("TVB")'s pre-emption of the television programme "Headliner" (頭條新聞) of Radio Television Hong Kong, which was originally scheduled for broadcast on the Jade Channel of TVB on 30 June 2017.  The CA decided that TVB should be strongly advised to observe more closely the direction issued by the CA pursuant to Condition 19.1(b) of TVB's domestic free television programme service licence.  Details of the case are at Appendix.

CA Approves Changes in the Shareholding Structure of Hong Kong Cable Television Limited

The CA approved the applications of Hong Kong Cable Television Limited ("HKCTV") for further changes in its shareholding structure arising from -

  1. the further distribution in specie of The Wharf (Holdings) Limited ("Wharf")'s 13.57% shareholding in i-CABLE Communications Limited ("i-CABLE") to the qualifying shareholders of Wharf; and
  2. the further distribution in specie of Wheelock and Company Limited ("Wheelock")'s 8.36% shareholding in i-CABLE to the qualifying shareholders of Wheelock

(the above collectively referred to as "Further Distributions in Specie").

Upon completion of the Further Distributions in Specie1, Wharf and Wheelock no longer hold any shares in i-CABLE, which wholly owns HKCTV. 

The CA notes that the shareholding changes mark the completion of the remaining phases of the equity injection into i-CABLE. Having reviewed all the submissions of HKCTV, including but not limited to the deeds of undertakings and statutory declarations submitted by HKCTV confirming, among others, its compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements and that it and other relevant parties had submitted to the CA all information and documents which were relevant to the CA's assessment of the applications, the CA granted approvals for the applications. 

In approving the applications, the CA is satisfied that HKCTV will continue to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements under the Broadcasting Ordinance (Cap. 562) and its domestic pay television programme service licence, and that it will be able to honour the investment and programming commitments it has made under its licence upon completion of the shareholding changes.

Breach of Licence Condition by Hong Kong TV International Media Group Limited

The CA decided that Hong Kong TV International Media Group Limited ("HKTVIM") was in breach of Condition 15.2 of its non-domestic television programme service licence for its failure to notify the CA as soon as practicable of the cessation of one of its two channels.  The time lapse between HKTVIM's notification and the effective date of the cessation of the channel was more than 36 months.  Taking into account HKTVIM's representations, the duration and severity of the breach and the fact that this was the first lapse of HKTVIM, the CA decided that HKTVIM should be strongly advised to observe more closely the relevant licence condition. 

Communications Authority

30 October 2017



Wharf and Wheelock completed their Further Distributions in Specie on 10 and 24 October 2017 respectively.